Resources for Broken Comb People

At the recent Balanced Team conference in Chicago, a popular theme was “broken comb people.” In response to the idea of the “T-shaped designer” who has deep expertise in one area and familiarity with many areas, Jared Spool proposed that modern teams require people with wider range of functional skills. At the un-conference portion of …

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Blog post roundup (#balconf)

I started a roundup of blog posts created by participants in last weekend’s event. Let me know if you see more! Josh Seiden, LUXr “Balanced Team, September 2011” Shawn Crowley, Atomic Object “Balanced Team Conference 2011” Bo Campbell “Diplomacy, the greatest UX asset“

Balanced Team Conference Topics and Speakers

We we asked the registered participants of the Balanced Team Conference to propose topics for the event. These are some of the proposals that attracted the most interest from the community. The list below contains a rich and interesting mix of facilitated conversations, stories, best practices and hands-on techniques from some of the leading practitioners …

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Announcing the 2011 Balanced Team Conference

We’re pleased to announce the first Balanced Team Conference. This event builds on our previous Agile UX retreat events, and represents the continuing growth and energy surrounding the balanced team thinking and movement, of cross-disciplinary whole-team work for healthy and successful teams. Conference Theme: Getting Practical During previous retreats, our focus has been on gaining …

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